Here is a small selection of testimonials Dr. Bird has received from her B.C. patients.

Please note that the results of testimonials may not be typical of all patients or that results of patients may vary.

dr-c-bird-testimonialsDr. Christine Bird’s treatments have allowed me more career satisfaction and a healthier more vibrant lifestyle.   I am a dancer and musician and a teacher of both disciplines, and Dr. Bird’s chiropractic care has not only extended my ability to keep doing what I love (into my 60’s) but fully extended my range of motion and what I had previously thought I was physically capable of. Dr. Christine Bird’s diagnostic skills are insightful, thorough and ongoing.  Her techniques for helping to find and release blocked or misaligned areas of the body are a relief to experience.  Her ability to do deep work on scar tissue from some of my old injuries has been nothing short of miraculous for me. ~ K.G.


dr-c-bird-testimonialsChristine Bird is the exceptional practitioner among the many I’ve experienced during 28 years of successful chiropractic treatment. In over 20 years of regularly visiting Christine, she has helped me overcome the original 1984 injury, successfully dealt with subsequent different issues (including pre and post operative medical procedures) and employed holistic techniques in order to help me successfully  manage my health. In my experience, no other health care provider has spent the time nor brings the depth of knowledge and practice to their work.  I have been so impressed with Christine’s results that my entire family visits her on a regular basis, as do a number of friends whom we’ve recommended. ~ S.S.


dr-c-bird-testimonialsWithin months of Christine working with my spouse and I, our chronic back pains started to subside and we began to sense new-found fluidity in our movements. The extent to which Christine had healed our damaged bodies really became apparent when we skied again for the first time in 8 years (in our 60s!) and it was effortless. ~ D.M. & J.M.


dr-c-bird-testimonialsFor a lot of my life I have suffered from migraine headaches and jaw pain. I have tried many doctors and remedies — nothing helped. But now, thanks to Dr. Bird’s care, concern and chiropractic expertise (with no “cookie cutter” treatments ~ each is geared uniquely to me that day), I am finally seeing results.  Though my pain has been chronic, I am seeing real improvement and finally can look forward to a pain-free body. Thank you Dr. Bird! JF


dr-c-bird-testimonialsI have availed myself of Dr. Bird’s expertise for a number of years and have always been very satisfied with the results. In the past year Dr. Bird treated me for very painful sciatica. After several sessions I was on the mend and am now without pain. I have always found Dr. Bird very professional and caring, and I like that she suggests home exercises to help me maintain my health. EK, age 90