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Welcome to Ease Chiropractic !

My name is Dr. Christine Bird, and I offer corrective and wellness care for New Glasgow and all of Pictou County. I have a family practice and treat people of all ages.

I graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1983 and and am still crazy-in-love with my career. I have seen so many lives become more fulfilled as people heal.

Please note that the results of testimonials throughout this site may not be typical of all patients or that results of patients may vary.

At 65 years old this year, and winning three gold medals, and a  silver as a BC Senior Game’s swimmer last year, and training again this year, I  can honestly say I could not have done it without the consistent  chiropractic care I have had, and continue to have under Dr. Bird’s  expert guidance. I use chiropractic care to stay in health and  fitness. I use chiropractic care from Dr. Bird to keep me in hockey  all winter, and I use chiropractic care to address injuries (and I  have had a few), from the number of sports that continue to  challenge my body.  I trust and recommend Dr. Bird’s work  completely. She is my number one health care practitioner. ~ MP

Feeling better allows us to stay more in the moment, to interact more deeply with kindness, and enhance our ability to engage with and honour that which is best in ourselves and others.

Dr. Christine Bird has been treating me for more than 20 years. She saved me from two back surgeries. She also fixed my tennis elbow. She is not shy about asking other health professionals to assist if needed. She keeps up to date in new techniques and provides very professional care. ~ G.G.

My intention is to help you feel at home in your body.

Some of the benefits of chiropractic are:

 Chiropractic is an efficient and effective treatment for all ages. You are an individual with unique needs and preferences, and I offer a variety of approaches for an individual care plan that is unique for you, to improve your structure and wellness.

A  Aligned structures leave you feeling better in all of your activities. Less discomfort and pain … more flexibility and joy. You feel more Alive

S  Stability brings a sense of internal support that you can feel physically and emotionally.

E  Increased comfort brings enhanced freedom of movement and enjoyment of activities. 


I was referred to Christine by my massage therapist after my car accident. Within a couple of visits I felt relief and my massage therapist noticed marked improvement. Christine worked closely with my massage therapist and together they improved my back greatly. Thanks so much, Dr. Christine! ~ C.F.

I honour the levels of care you are comfortable with
and look forward to working with you
to help you live your best life.